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XSG SnowGem aktueller Preis ist €0.0262 mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von €800,664. Sein Preis ist -3.14% runter in den letzten 24 Stunden.

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TENT Wallet v0.1.2 is now available in Google Play and Apple Store.

50 happy users will receive TENT Card before Christmas. Don´t wait, and pre-order now!

Apple Store:

Google Play:

Goodbye SnowGem, Hello TENT!

SnowGem is proud to announce our join venture cooperation with MONEYZOOM Ltd. - payments specialist with a focus on emerging fintech products.

Read more in our article:

BitFrost v0.1.1 is now available in Google Play and Apple Store.

New version now allow us to release versions in a matter of minutes, instead of days. BitFrost now also talks Russian and Chinese language. This is bugfix release before major release version. Enjoy!

We have successfully passed block 1,414,160 and therefore daemon version 3000457 has been deprecated.

If your node is still on version 3000457 please update as soon as possible to version 3000458.

For instructions on that please visit

Thank you!

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