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After a long period of silence the Vites project is back. Read about it in the latest update:

Vites has not been forgotten. An update about why there has been silence for such a long time and what is next will follow within the next few days. Stay tuned.

In our newest update we ask you to consider a few key points. Please note that inflamatory or troll comments will lead to a block as we would like a productive thread:

As the Discord and Telegram groups have now been closed down we are ironing out details for the next steps of the rebrand. Stay tuned.

Progress might be slow but we are still here, dedicating our own time towards collective progress. The project is not abandoned.

For all followers on Telegram; please remember to join as it is the only official Vites channel throughout the rebranding stages.

As stated before public discussion groups will be opened again after the rebrand is complete and we have enough admins.

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