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Attractive rewards are available for holding and staking the inverse Synths $iETH and $iBTC.

You can capture these rewards by picking up some $iETH or $iBTC on @kwenta_io and then staking the token in the rewards section of

1/ Hey @synthetix_io, Deposits are now officially open @ #BenchmarkLaunchpad:
Deposits for $SNX/ $ETH Liquidity pools on #Uniswap
are now LIVE!
$MARK Reward distributions in under 24 hours
at 8 AM EST 24th November, 2020
#DeFi #Synthetix @kaiynne

iETH recently froze at the upper limit of $550, so it has been reset with a new upper limit of $867.

Anyone who was participating in the iETH incentive via Mintr, your iETH has been purged back into sUSD and sent back to your wallets. 1/5

Check out @kaiynne in conversation last week with some other members of the @defialliance: @QwQiao and @TheChicagoVC, hosted by @Melt_Dem of @CoinSharesCo!
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