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To all advisors,

In order to enhance security and to comply with the latest ERC-20, SNBL hard forks to SNBX. As for ETH CLUB’s last promotion, we are asking you to confirm since we will be taking a special response to advisors for a limited time.


Dear Advisors,
Japanese seminar information will be distributed only in Japanese.
The Japanese language study group was informed of the Japanese language.
Nichigo Kenshin's essay was disseminated.
A video of the seminar held in Tokyo will be released.

ETH-CLUB is upgrading to ETH-CLUB X. This will make ETH-CLUB enter a new phase!
Details will be announced at the briefing session to be held soon.

▽Currently available information
・ SNBL will perform hard fork. The new token name is "SnowbollX" and the symbol is "SNBX".

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