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Our focus on simplicity and time to market is paying off.

We received only six low-risk points of feedback that have been acknowledged and re-submitted for the next round of scrutiny.

Read more about it here:

@AppletonDave I am biased of course but check out the @Mainframe_HQ repository.

It has good patterns for using Ethers and Waffle at scale in a testing environment.

We received back our Quantstamp Audit for revisions and issues; spoiler, it's quite boring...and that's quite exciting for us.

Friendly reminder that besides writing Solidity you should also spend time on other things before shipping a DeFi protocol:

1️⃣ Testing infrastructure
2️⃣ Code coverage
3️⃣ Documentation quality
4️⃣ Conformity to best practices
5️⃣ Complexity minimisation

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