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community-generation Community Generation Core (CGEN)

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CGEN Community Generation Core aktueller Preis ist €0.00000495 mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von N/A. Sein Preis ist 0.31% hoch in den letzten 24 Stunden.

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What do you need to start mining?🤔

Processor, monitor, videocard, system unit, cooler - what is superfluous here?😉

Why to launch swap CGEN to CGENcore with MasterNoda right now?📡

The new CGENcore code will allow to holders use their computer without of mining by transferring wallet to a remote server. It is rated by 10,000+ traders around the world!

What is Ripple? 📲

The technology here is to create an infrastructure for fast payments. Ripple is not involved in physically sending money from one place to another. Instead, he makes the promised payment. 

Have you already used Ripple? ⤵️

Hi Everybody

Today Harmony Community Call
Join us at the Weekly Community Meetup!
Info in the short video above.

Thursday, 1800 UTC/GMT!


CGENcore development update 22.07.2019

We have made a technical update of wallet.
v2.0.0.0 is available for all users on Windows, Mac and Linux. Besides updated backend code, several improvement of life changed were made.

Full change log:

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